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The twenty years since the establishment of Baglio di Pianetto are a story told by the harvests, the wines, the productive evolution of the vineyard, the striving towards a highly refined style of winemaking, the achievement of a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

Such a balance necessarily relies on respect for the integrity of high quality raw materials, and the optimization of those natural resources which form the unique character of each terroir. A technologically advanced process which, nonetheless, never forgets that a great wine is born in the vineyard, not in the cellar.

This awareness is at the root of the company’s lasting bond with the local environment, the countryside surrounding Palermo and the province of Noto, the authentic expression of two radically different terroirs which, nonetheless, come together to form one unique quality design, they complement each other.

Baglio di Pianetto’s environmentally sustainable production, confirmed and enhanced by the reconversion of the entire agricultural estate (approx. 160 ha) to organic farming, is born from the will to meet the needs of the many wine lovers who want clear and reliable information regarding what they eat or drink; a choice rewarded by an increasingly diverse and widespread consumer base. 40% of all bottles produced by Baglio di Pianetto are sold outside of Italy: the United States, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, the Czech Republic, Canada and many emerging economies are our chief buyers.

Today Baglio di Pianetto is an integrated productive hub engaged in hospitality and wine-tourism. The guided itineraries though our vineyards and cellars are an expression of the artisanal care that Baglio di Pianetto has always dedicated to its produce and its wines. With the Agrirelais – just a few miles from Palermo – wine lovers can enjoy a full, immersive experience, where wine, great food and hospitality come together to define the pursuit of excellence embodied by the Marzotto family.

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Baglio di Pianetto - Baroni's Estate

Baroni's Estate

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Baglio di Pianetto - Pianetto's Estate

Pianetto's Estate

Via Francia, 90030 Santa Cristina Gela PA, Italia
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