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Mandrarossa Vineyard Tour 2018

The month of September could not have started better. The first two days Menfi was kissed by the warm sun of Sicily. A perfect setting for the Mandrarossa Vineyard Tour 2018. Between the sea and the vineyard, the many fortunate participants appreciated the area with harvests, excursions, and food and wine tales. On the beach of the Giache Bianche, near the Molinari Pine Grove and Casa Mandrarossa, in a festive atmosphere, the flavors of the local rural cuisine and the scents of the fine wines of the Mandrarossa line met, mutually exalting one another. 

The ladies of the Mandrarossa Cooking Brigade, behind the stalls with vegetable garden products, oil, bread, cheese, pasta and pastries, delighted the palate of participants with simple dishes with unique aromas that only fresh seasonal ingredients can give. In the Pelella Pine Grove, it was also possible to try to grasp some of their secrets and learn the traditional skills of this “clean, fair and healthy” food (as defined by Slow Food Sicily) through the show cooking of sfince, a typical pastry of the area, and busiate pasta made with 100% ancient Sicilian wheats to be dressed with fried eggplants and fresh tomato sauce. Mrs. Annella did her best to teach participants how to quickly pull fresh pasta around the wire, but she could only praise them for the fun and their good will. In all this, wine was always the protagonist with all the labels of the Mandrarossa line. In the evenings, live music made the atmosphere even more fun inviting everyone to hit the dance floor.

mandrarossa vineyard tour

The Mandrarossa straw hats were really numerous, as were the Barilights that decorated the environment elegantly. “Elegance and culture” are the key words used by the President of Cantine Settesoli Giuseppe Bursi to indicate the new projects of the Mandrarossa Line. At the meeting with journalists, held on Sunday morning at the Pinella Pine Grove, Mr. Bursi presented the company’s collaboration projects with the city of Palermo aimed at promoting the Grotte dell’Addaura (Addaura Caves) whose graffiti from the Paleolithic and Mesolithic are now considered a unique case in prehistoric rock painting art. Casting the limelight on Sicily’s archaeological riches and consolidating the Mandrarossa line means achieving great things in the name of culture and wine. The objectives to be achieved in a short time are to spread and enhance the reputation of Mandrarossa wines abroad as well as in Sicily, to make the  Mandrarossa Vineyard Tour an international event, to create a new Mandrarossa winery with elegant spaces for tastings in a beautiful setting with spectacular sea views and to present two new Mandrarossa wines at the next Vinitaly with labels that are able to tell the story of new cultural projects. Wine is culture, and Mandrarossa is the expression of a specific and rich cultural reality still to be discovered and fully appreciated. This is our goal and our wish…Ad Maiora!


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