Marsala, 250 years of Excellence: A sensory journey through Cantine Florio

Discover the magic of Marsala at Marsala Doc Fest and how this noble wine is revolutionizing the world of tasting, from appetizer to dessert.

Marsala, 250 anni di Eccellenza: Un viaggio sensoriale nelle Cantine Florio
Marsala, 250 anni di Eccellenza: Un viaggio sensoriale nelle Cantine Florio

Marsala is one of the most celebrated and recognized wines in the world. With its 250 years of history behind it, this Golden nectar has done much more than aging well; it has prospered, evolved and has become a cornerstone of Sicilian wine culture.. An extraordinary event celebrated this epic milestone – the Marsala Doc Fest – Dinner Show ‘Five Senses’ at Cantine Florio.. It was the recognition that Marsala deserved, a tribute to a tradition that has withstood the test of time.

The charm of Cantine Florio

The evening began with a visit to Cantine Florio, an experience that has left all visitors enchanted. The complex of cellars, with its magnificent arches, the many barrels and the majestic vats, it is a testimony of the long wine tradition of Marsala. This historic place exudes a magical atmosphere, with the smell of the wood of barrels, the tuff and the wine that mixes with the salinity air of the sea, involving all the senses. Even the aperitif on the Florio Terrace has added a touch of magic, offering the opportunity to enjoy the sunset of Marsala.

The multisensory journey continues

The ‘Five Senses’ show dinner, curated by Chef Tony Lo Coco, was the perfect continuation of this multisensory journey. The large tasting room, Donna Franca, housed in one of the tuff aisles of Cantine Florio, was the perfect stage for an extraordinary culinary show. The chef has prepared contemporary dishes that sublimely harmonized with Traditional Marsala wine.

Marsala is no longer just a meditation wine, it pairs perfectly with contemporary appetizers. The Marsala Vergine Riserva vintage 2010 accompanies the Crunchy tapioca with oyster; the Marsala Vergine Riserva vintage 2004 pairs the crunchy waffle with meat tartare and Ragusa cream; Marsala Semisecco Superiore Riserva 2008 goes with the revisited bread with milza (actually cuttlefish), and the little Sicily is framed by Marsala Vergine Riserva 2010 that goes impeccably with a glass of Champagne Lanson Blanc de Blancs.

Marsala: perfect throughout a whole meal

Marsala has proven to be the perfect companion for every course, even during dinner at the historic Sala Garibaldi of Cantine Florio. The Parmesan Risotto with a reduction of Marsala and caramelized crumbs was delightfully paired with Marsala Semisecco Superiore Riserva vintage 2008 and Marsala Vergine Riserva vintage 2004.
The dinner ended in style with an unforgettable Marsala Dolce Superiore Riserva vintage 1994, accompanying sfingi Awww and delicious fried cannoli.

Marsala: a modern and versatile wine

Marsala, with its history dating back to the Eighteenth century, has proved to be a modern and versatile wine, suitable to be enjoyed on any occasion.
Dry and semi-dry Marsala recapture the new public who has learned to appreciate its qualities in combination with a wide range of dishes and mixology cocktails.

We are facing a key moment, a new beginning. Marsala is about to set sail on a new “journey” characterized by versatility and modernity.

“The new Marsala is born! We now need to relaunch it, to relaunch together the economy of a territory that has given so much and deserves so much.”

Benedetto Renda, president of the Consortium for the protection of Marsala wine

Powerful in its history, Marsala is preparing for a promising future, led by the 17 wineries of the Consortium, which intend to make this noble wine enter into synergy with every aspect of modern life.

A historic opportunity

This is a significant historical moment, in which Marsala is free to embrace the future with great enthusiasm.

“Marsala is waiting to be known. The wineries of the Consorzio DOC Marsala all believe in the same launch-project that they carry on with energy and positivity. All the associates are committed to make Marsala known, they challenge the time and look to the future with enthusiasm.”

Roberto Magnisi, director of Duca di Salaparuta and Florio

Marsala, with its many years of history, is preparing for a new era of success. It is a wine that deserves to be celebrated and fully appreciated. With the wind in stern and a bright future ahead, Marsala continues its journey, ready to share its extraordinary heritage and its versatility around the world. 
A toast to Marsala and its next 250 years of success!

If you want to book a visit to the winery discover the website Cantine Florio.