About us

My adventure started in 2004 with a personal ambition of making wines to communicate the native grape varieties of my region and its terroir. I’m driven by my passion for wine, inspired by my family knowledge of peasant traditions and winemaking in Marsala.

Every day we work to check the entire production, ranging from the vineyard to the vinification of five local grape varieties. 

Rather than trying to achieve perfection, I strive to develop the distinctive personality of my wines. There are no limits to wine making as long as we respect the nature and our terroir. 

Every harvest I leave room for research, experimentation and innovation, in the wake of the work we have already done in the past, without upsetting it.

Our winery

The Azienda Agricola Barraco was founded in 2004 out of Nino Barraco's personal desire to create wines capable of conveying the peculiarities of native grape varieties and the characteristics of the local territory. His venture is inspired by the farming tradition of his family and his passion for wine.

The artisanal nature of the Barraco company is guaranteed by its small size and Nino's exclusive control, from grape cultivation to winemaking, bottling, and the presentation of five single-varietal native grapes. This is coupled with a "different" concept of wine quality, based solely on the ability to evoke emotions. Achieved by highlighting the unique identity of each grape variety and the land on which it is cultivated. An interpretation of wine increasingly faithful to the place, microclimate, and human experience that produce it. Nino's commitment is to convey Sicily, particularly the Marsala region, by embracing the culture and tradition of making wine as it was once done: with only grapes.

Our taste itineraries

An excursion between wines and local specialties Tasting - Barraco - Azienda Agricola Barraco Winery

An excursion between wines and local specialties

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Standard tasting - Barraco - Azienda Agricola Barraco Winery

Standard tasting

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